Readyportal is a comprehensive next-generation experience and content management platform. An integrated suite of content management, pre-built collaboration and portal tools for meeting an organization's web and mobile solution needs.
Whether you are trying to webify your business process and mobile accessibility as a part of a complete internet plan or simply address the needs for a landing page or micro-site, the Readyportal platform delivers real business results - faster deployment with more flexibility and efficiency than other available options.
The platform leverages a large set of custom modules built on Java using an SQL database, and provides powerful customization capabilities using apache's Velocity Framework.

What makes us different?
- Allows organizations to build a complete web and mobile solutions without budget or time constraints
- Ability to extract content from legacy systems
- Customization is done at the Business logic level by using Java-based Velocity template engine
- If you think it, we can build it! We provide customization and solutions on a whole new level

Key features:
- easy-to-use and fully customizable development platform
- 30 pre-built features and integration tools
- PaaS (Platform as a Service) capability
- Platform agnostic when hosted in-house

Key Benefits
- Develop and deploy in up to 60% less time
- Start small and scale to meet evolving needs
- Spend up to 50% less on development costs
- Develop solutions without any code maintenance hassles

With Readyportal you can,
- rapidly deploy and scale your web efforts, from one person solutions to large corporate or government enterprise solutions
- save time by using a platform that reduces the level of skills and experience needed to effectively manage web development in a fast paced digital world
- develop and evolve your organization's web and mobile efforts to quickly take advantage of changing domestic or global landscape environments