DeepNines Technologies is a leader in network security, providing real-time, identity-based network defense for content and applications. Since 1999, DeepNines has provided business, education, health care and government customers with innovative network security that is affordable and easy-to-use. By inventing and patenting unified threat management technology, DeepNines' products enable unparalleled protection and control of ports, protocols, users, applications and content at firewall speed. DeepNines' gateway products leverage the power to protect, control and manage inbound and outbound Internet traffic, empowering enterprises and institutions to secure their networks deep-into-the-nines.

Network Security Portfolio
   * Web Security Gateway
   * Unified Threat Management
   * Network and Application Firewalls
   * Network Admission Control
   * Network Intrusion Prevention
   * Network Behavioral Analysis
   * Network-Based Data Loss Prevention
   * Internet Security Assessment