Not Just a Number

Because our main goal is client satisfaction, we focus first on working with our clients to understand their needs. Only then can we implement a selling or buying strategy that fits with their goals. People are all wired differently, and what is perfectly normal and sensible to one seller might be annoying and out of place to another. There are always issues that come up during the sale or purchase of a home, and if you can’t have an honest discussion with your agent, there’s something wrong. We also understand that this approach might not be for everyone, and that’s ok.

Driven by Data

The internet has brought consumers a wealth of data the likes of which have never been seen. Accordingly, new industries have been created and others, like real estate, have had to evolve as consumers have become more educated. No longer are Realtors the guardians of data: sales history, square footage, interior photos, and even comparable listings are available online. But there’s no substitute for experience. We see homes every day, and we recognize that many buyers and sellers, while they have the data, prefer not to get bogged down by going to every open house in the area or searching for a title company that will be receptive to their needs at closing. At Deerwood Realty, we use data to help our clients make the right decision in the areas that matter most.

A Dynamic Approach

Market pressures and buyer preferences are a constantly shifting target. Shag carpeting and avocado appliances may have been the height of fashion at one time, but if you’re trying to get full price for a home that still boasts these features today, you’re likely to run into some problems. Add to that the increasing impact of technology – both in terms of “Smart Homes” and in the tools that real estate professionals use – and there’s a lot to keep up with. Because we focus on client satisfaction and building long-term relationships, Deerwood Realty is always looking for the best tools and approach for each transaction we undertake.

Community Stewardship

As a home buyer or seller, your interaction with us is possibly the only time you may need a Realtor. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our buyers come from different states and countries all over the world. We strive to be great representatives of our region, and to help our clients fall in love with the area. We are a part of the greater community, from schools and parks to local businesses and charities. We love St. Louis, and we think you will, too.

Deerwood Delivers

In our office, “Deerwood Delivers” is more than just a slogan. It’s a promise to you, and a reminder to ourselves, that we can talk all day long, but in the end, we must deliver on our promises. There is an unfortunate perception in the real estate industry that some agents will say whatever they need to in order to get a listing or make a sale. At Deerwood Realty, we stand behind what we say. When we pledge to our customers that “Deerwood Delivers”, we are making a promise to deliver a great customer experience, to deliver the data in a way that is unbiased and precise, to deliver stewardship of our city, and to deliver on our promise to treat each client with the utmost respect.