Do you need Industrial strength internal door locks for your home or business?
Then one specific door lock mechanism will provide security when you are at home or away.

Built from robust steel, and incorporating a BSI six-pin barrel you can rely on, this option will give you maximum security.

   It cannot be picked;
   Drilling won't get them in.

A 360 degree rotation by your key from the outside, and a rotating spring-loaded metal knob on the inside defies any potential invader.

They would need equipment that only the Fire Brigade and Police possess … and then the noise they would make would soon attract attention.

If you want a "Safe Room" - perhaps an abusive partner is causing problems for you and your dependents, or you have "druggies" in the neighbourhood. Some criminals work to "the 100 second rule", where they kick a door in, and grab whatever is easy to sell and scarper. With our solution they simply can't. With the Defender Door Locks system in place, you take the target off your property.

With our system we can also provide you with a bedroom door lock and key, which locks from inside and out - giving you the safety margin for help to arrive.

Front door locks of this type have been protecting New Yorkers for around 70 years – you can see such in recent episodes of "Billions" and "Elementary". Our improved version, made in England, is what you need if you are worried for your family and your possessions.

We believe we have "the Volkswagen of locks", because of our system's sureness and reliability.

Experience a genuinely satisfying feeling when you engage your Lock