Offering the following:

Trauma Plates for Bulletproof Vests.

Bulletproofing Police Car Doors.

An intelligent, integrated security solution which increases survivability in the event of a terrorist attack.

Enhances the ability of evacuating occupants from the building in the event a blast takes place.

Patent Protected process producing blast mitigation, fragmentation mitigation, increased structural strength, protection against natural disasters and thermal properties.

Blast, ballistic and chemical containment in the event an explosive device were set off in the parking area, stairwells, lobby, mail room, etc.

The Defend-X® product line acts as a containment barrier to biological or chemical agents.

Defend-X® is tack-free within 10 seconds of installation saving costs by reducing down time required for installation.

Environmentally friendly; VOC and CFC free product line.

Does not interfere with the architectural beauty of the building.

Material is hidden from view as it is encapsulated between the outer walls and inner wall structure.

The most effective solution commercially available today.