Defour Analytics provides real-time Industry use cases oriented advance data analytics / data science courses and training programs which will help Industries to empower people to be able to extract useful information from millions of bytes within minutes in Pune and Mumbai. Defour provides Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning Courses with most in demand analytics tool like R, Python, SAS.

Our Data Science, Data Analytics and Machine Learning Courses will take you through real-world analytics problems so that you can try various data analysis methods and techniques and learn more about quantitative and qualitative data analysis processes.

Python is a popular programming language for data analysis and data science courses, Take Introduction to Python for Data Science.

Our Data Analytics, Data Science Course covers the entire data lifecycle starting from extraction of data, cleansing, structuring, Data Mining, Forecasting and reporting. Our Data Analytics, Data Science course starts topics such as Basic Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, Regression Analysis, Predictive Modelling, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Forecasting, Data Visualization, Deep Learning, Big Data, Hadoop, Python, SAS etc, will be covered expansively.