Dejamone is more than a brand, its a way of life. Dejamone combines Couture Techniques, Graphic Design and Streetwear Elements to create the Ultimate Clothing Experience. This Is Truly Not Cha Ordinary Dezynz! Dejamone Dezynz, LLC is a Saint Paul based company that will bring to the market a new style of clothing that evokes positive emotions in the wearer of the brand.

What you can expect from Dejamone Brand Apparel is creative craftsmanship will go into every product that bears the name Dejamone. Here at Dejamone we have a saying "We Catch Eyes" and what this mean is, the clothing produced by The Designer Treal'One Eastwood are made in such a manner that it demands attention whether your near or far. Trust me, Dejamone isn't just another brand that is built on tradition, but geared more toward the future. We invite you to experience the future of clothing now.