Introducing a Revolutionary Approach to Consulting

Delcin Consulting Group is a Life Sciences Legal Management Consulting Firm. We are The Hybrid, combining legal and Management consulting under one cover. Our Consulting services leverage unparalleled experience in three specific areas: Legal, Business and Science. Our approach is to provide client centered end-to-end consulting services. We are involved in every step of any project from assessment, advisement to execution. Utilizing our past and existing consulting relationships with Biotech and Pharma Companies we have cultivated breadth of experience that affords our clients unique insights.

We offer bundled services for management and litigation consulting. Our Management consulting services include consulting on all aspects of business formation, growth, strategic development of pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies. Our legal consulting services include but are not limited to patent challenges, ANDA filings, mergers and acquisition, market intelligence acquisition, litigation and discovery support. We provide the appropriate infrastructure and support system to bolster our clients' competitive edge.

For more information about Delcin Consulting Group, please visit our webpage: www.delcinconsulting.com