“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
- Steve Jobs

Dr. Payam Kerendian knows a thing or two about being a leader. Since 2006, Dr. Kerendian has helped his patients lose over 45,000 pounds by applying his revolutionary weight loss methodology. As a pioneer in his unique approach to weight management, Dr. Kerendian and his professional staff have helped Delight & Medical & Wellness Center lead the charge in the fight against unwanted weight gain.

“The key,” says Dr. Kerendian, “involves taking a comprehensive approach to losing weight. There are multiple problems that lead to weight gain. So naturally there should be multiple solutions applied to weight loss.” According to Dr. Kerendian, this balanced approach stands in stark contrast to traditional weight loss plans and popular diets. “They focus mainly on weight loss and not the lifestyle changes necessary to keep the weight off. ”

As a Board Certified Bariatric Physician with the American Board of Bariatric Medicine, Dr. Kerendian is currently supervising a new sophistication in weight management by providing a comprehensive nutritional and medical evaluation, treatment, and long-term prevention.

But Dr. Kerendian’s leadership doesn’t stop at weight loss. Dr. Kerendian has established himself as a forward-thinker in pain management as well.

Through the use of an innovative brand of pain treatment called prolotherapy, Dr. Kerendian has helped hundreds of patients deal with the underlying causes of pain instead of simply masking symptoms. With Prolotherapy, Dr. Kerendian is able to stimulate a local inflammatory process around the damaged ligaments and tendons which increases the blood and nutrient supply to areas of pain allowing the tissues to repair themselves naturally.

Dr. Kerendian completed his education and received his medical degree with special emphasis in the musculoskeletal system. He then trained at one of the top rated family practice residency programs in the nation. San Bernardino County Hospital allowed him to treat multiple and complicated pathologies in patients from all aspects of life. He is certified as a knowledgeable physician with both the American Osteopathic Boards and American Medical Boards.

Dr. Kerendian believes that a patient needs to be treated as a whole human being rather than different body parts of different systems. “I have a great passion for the transition of my patients into a healthy and sustainable future.”