There is a new Gentlemen’s Tequila which is changing the game.  Demetrio Tequila has the sophistication, refined taste and repertoire to suit the most demanding aficionado.

Demetrio Tequila is a top-shelf, 100% blue agave tequila which is distilled at Tequila Selecto de Amatitán, S.A. De C.V. (NOM 1459).  Demetrio carries three lines; Blanco, Reposado and Anejo.  The agave comes from the Castellanos Family Estate.  There are no third parties involved; from planting and harvesting the agave, to the distillation and aging process.  Water used in Demetrio is of the highest quality from estate artesian wells.  We do not use any artificial flavors or colors.  The aging process is in 200L, white oak, bourbon barrels.  We have been awarded the Vin & Avec International Quality Certificate, won the “Best of the Best” Best Lowlands Blanco award from Tequila.net, Demetrio Anejo received the Silver Medal from New York World Wines & Spirits Competition and Demetrio Reposado won Gold at The Fifty Best Reposado Competition 2013.

Demetrio is top-shelf tequila in quality and appearance.  What set us apart from the rest of the products in the market are our local approach and our price point.   Demetrio Tequila is dedicated to providing assistance to local charities and happily assists at events in each market we currently are part of.  We truly care for the local community and our motto is to Spread Kindness.  This is at the heart of everything we do.  

The two brothers who started Demetrio Tequila are Marion and Gracian Mariathasan.  These two brothers were brought up to with morals and family values as the foundation to everything they do in life.  Demetrio Tequila is no exception.  Demetrio Tequila was born from the idea of having a spirit that is not only exceptional in quality, that friends and family can enjoy but to serve a purpose for good in the community.  This idea became a reality four years ago.  The first package of Demetrio arrived at a home in Kansas, with two brothers wondering what they just got themselves into.  Since then, they have grown this business to being offered in eight states, with a national rollout underway.  Along with their success in growing their business, Demetrio Tequila has donated close to $15,000 in product donations and/or money to local charity events, nonprofits and other service organizations throughout Colorado, Kansas and Nevada.

Demetrio Tequila is in the midst of a National ad and marketing campaign.  Demetrio Tequila has been featured in numerous publications in Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin and Illinois.  Additionally, Demetrio Tequila has also had the pleasure of working with Richard Hallmarq, from Project Runway and Benzo Couture for fashion events.  Sterling-Rice Group, An international brand and marketing company, has partnered with Demetrio Tequila to do a case study on branding techniques and accelerated growth in the markets presented in.  Demetrio Tequila is also opening international channels to provide product to Canada, Asia-Pacific market and Europe.  

Join us in reshaping people’s choice in spirits.