Protect your children against threat of Dengue especially during the rainy months in the Philippines.  Prevent Dengue Fever - Mosquito repellent patches now available in Manila Philippines

Almost measures are taken on a bigger scale across the Philippines, the individual has only one effective way to avoid contracting Dengue Fever and that is to avoid mosquito bites.  Moquito Repellent Patches now available in Philippines are especially useful for young children.

Dengue Fever is one of the greatest threats to living in the Philippines.

Curbing and reducing the spread of mosquito is an on-going exercise in the Philippines and it is working in many areas although on a national scale the results are not all that positive.  

On the family level, all parents can do is to protect their children (and themselves) against mosquito bites.  Mosquito Repellent lotions and sprays are useful and quite effective but not for children and people with sensitive skins.  furthermore, the protective effects wear off quite quickly especially if the person is sweating.

Mosquito Patches are a lot easier especially for children.  They stick to the clothing and are usually effective for 10 hours of more.  What many didn't know was that they can be returned to their original package for storage in between use, thus reducing the cost.  A patch can easily be used for several hours a day for up to 3 days.

Moquito Repellent Patches are now available in the Philippines.  For more information, contact

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