"Connecting the art and the artist to the client and project"

The Deni Lillian Studio was created in January 2010 as a way to develop a vision to harness a passion for art into a successful business venture.

As a contemporary British artist - Deni has painted in many mediums but mainly concentrates on Digital art and Acyrlic Paintings on Canvas / Board

The art is very modern, full of fun and colour giving a tangible reality to the resulting art. It creates a passionate dialogue between her mind and the outside world forming the basis of the art.

Sometimes the world can be very monochrome even when seen in many colours and Deni is inspired and motivated to create art that brings colour to life.

A deceptively normal exterior belies a confident and lively personality, often seen as pushing boundaries

Deni Lillian is absolutely committed to the highest levels of quality for her art, its production, project delivery and customer service.