Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law represents clients in divorce and family law matters in Deer Park, Texas, and surrounding communities throughout the state.  Attorney Slate makes himself accessible to his clients at all hours.  As an Army officer with 20 years in the military, he has practice and understanding of military personnel and advising them in divorce and child custody cases.  His military background is evident in the amount of care, dignity and respect he gives to his clients and in the thorough case preparation and representation inside and outside the courtroom.  The firm has handled several similar cases to the noted case where children were wrongfully removed by Texas Child Protective Services.  It is important to have strong legal representation during the entire divorce process for the protection of the interests and rights of the client and the children involved.  The firm also helps with agreement enforcement and modifications.  You can learn more about the firm at http://www.DeerParkDivorceLawyers.com.