At Dentowhite dental group, we have chosen only the highly qualified  latest and greatest dental tools and technologies to create a White smile for lifetime. Our team associated with Prudent Whitening Bar are highly qualified, super specialized and have affiliations with international associations and organizations. Our mission is to bring everything you need for health and beauty, even the restoration lab, together in one practice for your ultimate convenience. In addition to offering amazing technology, we’ve assembled a team of truly passionate experts who want you to have the beautiful, long-lasting smile you deserve. Each team member works hard to make sure you feel comfortable and carefree.
At the Prudent Bar we are Introducing you to 2-16 shades lighter Gene matched teeth whitening without enamel damage and with Latest and best technology from USA in just 14 min flat.
Along with Teeth Whitening we are providing you with Digital Smile designing ,   Tooth straightening by advanced techniques such as Invisalign,Invisible braces ,Porcelain / laminates,  Crowns , Gum lift, Complete restoration , Implants , Extraction, Tooth tatooing , Tooth bejewelling,Geriatric Dentistry with Facelift Dentures and Pediatric Dentistry.
We are providing you with the high class treatment along with cost effectiveness and the best sterilization.
Our PRUDENT WHITENING BAR also prides itself as being one of the front runners in the newly emerging market of Dental Tourism. More and more people form all over the world especially the U.K. and U.S.A prefer flying down to NEW DELHI, completing their dental treatments and flying back home. Even if a holiday package is combined with this, it still proves to work out at a fraction of the cost of incurred back home for the same dental procedures.

With already two centers coming up in Gurgaon and Green Park(New Delhi) Dentowhite will soon be expanding to the whole of India in next one year.

Our belief in creating a Beautiful Smile and a Beautiful You is what which sets us apart from others so visit us for believing us.