Deo Volente Media (DVM) is a Christ-centered, production company whose goals are to glorify God and edify believers through the creation of all types of digital and print media.
DVM is committed to the creation and distribution of faith-based media that encourages, engages, and educates both believers and non-believers.  Through our efforts, we also hope to equip future artists with the tools and training necessary to be a voice for the gospel.

David D. Dietrich is the founder of Deo Volente Media

David is a film school graduate of the University of Southern California.  After graduation he spent the next few years as a small business owner and later a multi-media instructor at a Christian private school.  He currently is the Owner and Founder of Deo Volente Media, a full time employee of 'The City' by Zondervan (a social networking software company for churches and ministries), as well as heads-up the multi-media and worship ministry at his home church.

A long time lover of the arts (especially film), David creates and markets Christian multi-media illustrations through various web-distribution venues  for the Christian community at large.  In his spare time he loves teaching and encouraging others who have an interest in being a voice for their faith and the gospel through film and video.

If you’d like to engage Deo Volente Media in a custom production, please email us at info@deovolentemedia.com.

General services for hire are:

-Custom Church/Ministry Media

-Commercial Production

-Training/Informational Video Production

If you’d like to connect with Deo Volente Media or inquire about becoming a Deo Volente Producer email us at info@deovolentemedia.com

Deo Volente Media organizes the Christian Filmmaker Challenge as an outreach event to encourage Christian filmmakers and artist to grow in their art form.