Welcome to Derecho Studios.

We are an indie game development studio currently making games for mobile devices. This includes Android™ and Apple™ phones and tablets. Firstly our goal is to make games which users can have fun and enjoy playing. Our gamers are everything and we want to thank them for contributing their time to our products. Our games and apps are for all of you.

Gaming is a passion for all of us at Derecho Studios, and we want to make sure that every product we complete is amazing. We put our hearts and minds into what we do every time. We like to do spin offs classic games, new and innovative game ideas, more serious themed games, and even goofy funny games as well.

Games are meant to entertain us. Give us goals and make us reach for them to be better. Whether we are attempting to beat previous records, beat the level, or perhaps get a higher score then our friends and family. Games, mobile, desktop, or console, are all about taking us to another place where we are someone or something else. While it is nice to play games, we recommend that you remember that there is a beautiful world outside, and enjoy it with friends and family. Play responsibly and have a ton of fun.