What do all startup founders need? More time, passionate collaborators and investors!  Designbook is the place where you as a startup founder can find the people and money that you need to launch and grow your startup in a new, efficient and innovative way.  After all, now more than ever, entrepreneurship is a team sport.
How do you round out your awesome team?  Our community is made up of talented and passionate people who want to be part of something special, and who want to use their talent and time to earn equity in the companies on Designbook.  Designbook’s growing community has people from all over the world with really diverse skill sets.  More and more people are becoming a part of this community and getting involved in great new companies.
Do you want to efficiently launch a business? Designbook has the tools to help you! You can outline your company and plan out your milestones and goals.  You can look to our community to find the team members you need to meet your goals.
Think Designbook is only for startup Founders? No way, most of our community is made up of people who want to become part of a great team.  Collaborators are a huge part of startup success.  We all have jobs but finding a job you love, that is a real challenge.  On Designbook you can find a product that you are passionate about and become one of the first members of the team.  Not only that, on Designbook you can receive equity in the company, you become an owner in a company that you work for, talk about motivation.
When its time to raise money, Designbook has that covered also.  Designbook has the structure and the strategy to enable you to raise funding for your product based business.  We provide investors the means to evaluate and rank products they are interested in.  Want to raise money through crowdfunding? Designbook will set you up for success.  Within the next couple of months Designbook will be ready to run and host equity crowdfunding campaigns.  We are not just going to run the campaign but we will give you the tools and the education so you can run a well planned funding campaign.
So, dreamers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and engineers: if you’re looking for a site that can help guide you through the entire process of taking a company from idea to reality, check out Designbook.
Follow your dream, build a team, grow your company.