It’s Exciting—New Paranormal Podcast Show: Destiny Echoes, Featuring Host and Author, Rick Tobin

The new, free, paranormal radio show podcast, Destiny Echoes, features renowned master of the paranormal, Rick Tobin. Each program features exciting, previously hidden revelations about the unknown that now need to be showcased, some for the first time for the general public. Joining Rick at Destiny Echoes are unique and amazing guests, from around the world, who have all had incredible experiences. Their stories reflect encounters now becoming more and more common to everyone, in every walk of life. Rick claims this is because our dimension is starting to blend and collide with other dimensions in a deep and intense manner, not unlike at the end of the last great ice age, over twelve-thousand years ago. This overlapping of parallel worlds is the basis for the show, as Rick intends to prepare the inexperienced as they begin to have more parapsychological manifestations and impacts in their lives. These events are everywhere and growing as humanity’s vibrational pattern changes during the intersection of worlds. All of Rick’s work for Destiny Echoes is located at: https://destinyechoes.com/

Rick said in a recent interview, “I chose the title, Destiny Echoes, because I believe we all have a destiny, not just a history…and that will include all of us as we travel into a new reality. The discomfort and anxiety so many feel now predates a period of difficulty and chaos. This started a few years ago and is now coming to a head. The next five years are critical to ensure people stay grounded through the tribulations until the new light settles over our world. Until then, we must pull together, as family, to protect our balance and sanity, knowing what we are experiencing is a birth…and we know that births all come with risk and challenges.”

All of the Destiny Echoes podcasts are free and can be found at the Destiny Echoes website under Past Shows at:  https://destinyechoes.com/past-shows

Rick recently noted that the show is beginning to take off and has a growing fan base. Rick has set up his website to support those interested in appearing on the show, as well offering other free information, in addition to links to Rick’s many books on Amazon, as well as his original metaphysical artwork prints. He promises that something is in the works for 2020 that will make the show even more amazing, through additional developments for the program and a new hosting broadcasting outlet. He advises listeners to stay tuned as the events he predicts and prepares his audience for are becoming more intense and frequent, from contact with ghosts and UFOs, to visions of the future before events occur, especially catastrophic Earth changes.

“These experiences are real,” Rick emphasized. “You are not crazy or in need of new meds. You are awakening. Destiny Echoes will be here as a guide to help you during the transition.”