Deux Collection | First ever dual-faced Automatic Chronograph Watch
Dive into the future with first ever dual face IRIS diaphragm mechanism timepiece

We’ve engineered into the Deux collection a one-turn adjustable diaphragm. Simply twist the front face clockwise to close the aperture, revealing a sleek, zen-like design.Turn the watch the other way to reveal the precision display with easily legible time indicators and second and minute chronograph dials.All the three variants by Deux collection can be a new addition in any watch lover's collection. We've taken things one step further by introducing the Deux Janus Elite, with a superior Swiss Caliber SW500 movement, for those who want the absolute best out of their watch.After a lot of market research, we came away impressed by the specifications that Seiko and Swiss Sellita offer in their movements. Their technology combines a column wheel and a vertical clutch, which gives the watch great vibrations, without the jerkiness that you often find in similar watches.Let's talk more in detail about the movement.

It’s All About the Movement

The Deux is powered by the brand-new 34-jewel Seiko NE86 movement with a power reserve of 45 hours. This lightweight movement vibrates at a rate of 28,000 Hz an hour, offering intense precision, both for the watch and the chronograph. It took us a long time to find the ideal movement for the Deux Janus which wouldn’t drastically increase the cost of the watch.We believe we made the right choice with the Seiko NE86 and Sellita as it helps keep the watch lightweight, while still being amazingly accurate and feeling great on the wrist as it ticks.

Other Features

We’ve worked hard to design a watch that has the high-quality of much more expensive high-street brands without costing the earth.
The Deux Janus has everything you expect from a top-of-the-range watch, including:
Sapphire scratch proof glass to protect your watch from wear and tear
Highly durable tempered stainless steel with laser-cut engravings on the back face
A premium hand-crafted Italian leather strap with an optional add-on metal strap
Lightweight watch
And a great ergonomic look that will make you feel brawny no matter what the occasion is.


We’ve worked on watchmaking projects before and we’ve also thoroughly analyzed the market to anticipate any risks. This has allowed us to create a solid delivery plan.
We’re working with top-of-the-range suppliers (including big names like Seiko) and we assess everyone we partner with to make sure that they are skilful and professional.
We’re excited to provide our brand-new range of Deux watches to you first here on Kickstarter.

These are the excerpts from the Founder and the engineers involved
"To fabricate a product that enlivens and answers your curiosity."
- Poonam, Founder of Deux Watches LLC
"Building better watches by providing finest craftsmanship and the best of creativity  around the wrist"."
- Jaroslaw, Head Engineer of Deux Watches LLC

The price range for the variants are provided. The campaign is running successfully on Kickstarter.Follow this link to know more.

About Your Company

Deux Watches LLC is a new company that will provide high quality automatic chronograph watch collections to all the watch lovers but with an exciting feature that turns the face into two different designs .Company's mission is to design a creative watch design that looks futuristic.The company is already working on future designs to answer the curiosity and tests the limitations in a watch design.

Contact for further information.
Name: Ranbir Singh
Email: hello@deuxwatches.com
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