DevDosh Ltd run asset backed non-mainstream pooled investments (think gold standard Crowd Funding with real people that actually speak with you rather than a faceless internet platform), with low barriers to entry and a tax efficient exit strategy.

In essence DevDosh Ltd allow our investors to be the bank. We put our investors money to work by financing property developments through 1st charge real estate development mortgages, just like the bank would. The big difference being, we give the lions share of the profit to the investor rather than keeping it for ourselves.

Quite simply we lend our investors money to professional property developers in the form of a 1st charge real estate development mortgage. This type of business is called Real Estate Debt Finance and falls under the asset class of Debt.

Real Estate Debt Finance is an ideal option for risk averse investors as the debt is secured against the underlying asset of the real estate. The strict underwriting practices, covenants and protections DevDosh Ltd have in place limit downside; and in the unlikey event that the borrower defaults on the mortgage then, as with any mortgage, the property will be repossessed and disposed of so our investors don’t lose out.

DevDosh Ltd pay a premium rate return in comparison to other fixed income securities and allow semi-annual interest drawdown for income seeking investors.

We greet all applicants warmly and look for reasons to lend and ways to help rather than shutting down new projects with box ticking exercises. That said our underwriting processes are exhaustive to ensure our investors only fund the safest development projects and our monitoring and pay out procedures are iron clad to eradicate negative exposure within our lending portfolio.

Winning financial support from DevDosh Ltd is as simple as delivering a business plan and scheme that stacks up to 360 degree scrutiny from a lending panel. Rejections are consultative and any application which is close to achieving funding from us will be offered with notes to enable successful re-application should they be met. Such notes may typically include project supplementation with additional experienced development team members, consultants, management procedures or supplimentary collateral.

Think of DevDosh Ltd as the strict but supportive uncle of the property development finance world, rather than the grumpy granddad of banking that has delivered the traditional route to market.