A Dewey Does Corporation (ADDC) aims to build a national children’s animation brand for ages 5-12.

A Dewey Does Corp's plan is to launch a national brand based on the well-known Dewey Does book series and uniquely designed Dewey Does 110 animation series. The series is focused on pure children entertainment with some emphasis on fitness, physical activity and its value to children.

Our primary focus is to produce a minimum of thirteen (13) syndicated episodes of the Dewey Does cartoon series and to build other brand assets around the series to make the Dewey Does brand almost a must-reach for sponsors, partners and licensees targeting our 5-12 age group as well as their parents. Along with building a complete suite of brand assets, ADDC also plans on being an attractive acquisition target over the next 3 to 5 years.

It is ADDC’s intent to launch a viral interactive stand-alone brand for Dewey Does targeted to children online and then exploit the user base to secure deals with emerging new media outlets and traditional global broadcasters for a guaranteed number of new TV episodes per territory. Dewey Does cross-platform content community will be accessible on the web, IP-enabled TVs, cell phones and on mobile devices so that ADDC will maintain a direct unfiltered, relationship with its customers across its multi-screen universe.

The cartoon characters and intellectual property rights generated by ADDC will be used to develop licensing and merchandising opportunities for Dewey Does.

Please checkout our KickStarter campaign page.

Dewey Does Kickstarter Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deweydoes/dewey-does-110-animation

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