DiCaudo & Yoder, LLC has extensive experience in both personal injury and criminal law, with over 30 years of combined experience.  As former prosecutors, their firm is highly familiar with the tactics used by the prosecution in pursuing a conviction.  With this keen insight into the methods used by them, they excel in locating the weak points in their case, to their client’s benefit.  They offer superb service to their clients, with personalized attention as their focus.  They represent individuals in all manner of criminal charges, including drug crimes, theft crimes, violent crimes and many others.  In criminal law, having the skills to aggressively defend a client is vital to the outcome of a case.  As well, when representing clients in personal injury cases, attention to detail and negotiating skills are paramount.  Being well-versed in the courtroom, they can effectively present a case that often leads to a highly successful outcome for their clients.  

Find out more about DiCaudo & Yoder, LLC by visiting their websites at http://www.ohiocriminaldefenselawfirm.com or http://www.ohiopersonalinjuryfirm.com.