Behavioral & Educational Consultation

Our Mission: Our main goal is to provide training for schools and families, and our success is precisely measured by our ability to systematically fade our presence so that the individuals we serve are successful in our absence.

Our principles: We use the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to provide consultative services for individuals with behavior problems & learning challenges in schools, homes and the community.

Our Typical First Step: Since the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in June of 1997, the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) has been an integral part of the student evaluation process. The law also indicates that a FBA should be conducted before discipline even becomes an issue in schools. The FBA is considered a problem solving process for addressing student problem behavior and should be incorporated into the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) as needed.

Why the FBA? The FBA indicates why (the function) the student is engaging in problem behaviors. Replacement behaviors are identified that preserve the function but accomplish it in a more acceptable way. For example, a student that engages in disruptive behavior to gain negative teacher attention may be taught a new skill that gets attention in a more positive way. This initial assessment could help an individual for a lifetime.

Our Services: Our corporate office is in Cherry Hill, NJ. Our services consist of functional behavior assessment, behavior intervention plan development, Crisis Training & physical interventions, Positive Behavior Support, organizational/school wide systems development, intervention & referral services (I&RS) support, curriculum design, NJ standardized testing, discrete trial training, functional communication training/verbal behavior training, rapid toilet training, social skills training, vocational training, home ABA programs, job coaching on site, IEP consultation, expert witness testimonies, professional development workshops, supervision of candidates seeking BACB certification. The majority of our consultation is provided in Central & Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Our more than 35 consultants provide consultation in over 30 school districts/organizations and for the NJ DDD and NJ DYFS.

Continuing Education: We are approved by the NJ Dept Ed to provide professional development credits for educational professionals, the American Psychological Association (APA) CE's, the National Association for School Psychologists, & Behavior Analyst Certification Board CE's in conjunction with workshops conducted at Rowan University.  

Professional Advisory Board:Consists of nationally recognized leaders in the field to both support our firm and to scrutinize our clinical practices.

Our school consultation and training occurs at three levels in based on the needs assessment: 1) School System-wide development, 2) Classroom-wide,
3) Individual student level