A call center, is a call center, is a call center! So what then differentiates one from the other. How about accountability, credibility and the delivery of services that reach beyond the expectations of your customers? Dialog, since inception, has focused solely on the delivery of surpassed quality on each and every contact. Being an award winning enterprise, Dialogs’ in-depth knowledge of end-customer requirement is founded on the customer centricity that has made Dialog the leading communications service provider in Sri Lanka.

Our Contact management division is an integral part of Dialog Telekom PLC & account for over 1000 staff, which make 35% of the company’s workforce. We have been 24 x 7 operational over the past decade. Dialog serves approximately 60,000 customers on a daily basis through our multi channels. At ECM, our main focus is on enhancing Service Delivery to our clients (internal & external) through continuous improvement and efficient deployment of technology. We are process driven and strive towards meeting international quality standards as prescribed by Customer Service Quality standards (APCSC), People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) and Customer Operations Performance Centre (COPC). As ambassadors of the “Best Service Team” in Sri Lanka, we are known for our commitment to serve our customers with respect, care & the highest levels of professionalism. Dialog ECM is committed to understanding our client’s / customer’s needs & strategically planning process improvements to meet customer requirement. We have dedicated process management, training teams and quality evaluators who align activities to ensure excellence in service delivery and customer support.

Dialog ECM is a consolidated “one stop” contact experience provider possessing robust and multifaceted strengths, experience and infrastructures including but not limited to;
• 13 Years of Direct Multi Channel, Multi-lingual 24x7 Customer Service Delivery
• Sri Lanka’s Largest and best equipped Contact Center featuring, Multi-channel, Multi-media and Multi-lingual contact
• Integral affinity to Sri Lanka’s Largest Telecommunications Operator and its Global Telecommunications network established in concert with that of Asia’s Second Largest Telco – Axiata (formerly Telekom Malaysia)
• A single Interface for telecommunication services
• First Company in APAC to win the  Customer Relationship Excellence award
• Multimedia Contact Center handling Voice, Email, Fax, SMS, Web Chat & 3G Video
• Best of breed infrastructure: Avaya, Aspect, Witness Impact 360, Nice Voice Logger, Remedy Help Desk, PeopleSoft CRM
• Local multi site & offshore Disaster Recovery Capability
• In-house Customer Service Training Academy with City and Guilds Certified Trainers
• Award winning Knowledge Management Portal
• Collaborated Quality Assurance Framework with the participation of the client