"DialUs" Saudi company from global to local "Your genius friend" a step from your call 920000092 It is common in the business world for companies to move from the local scope to expand in global markets, but our company "Dial Us" did the opposite. Since its early beginning in 2007 AD by an initiative of a group of Saudi youth   in India, it put remarkable plans for expansion in successful pace. It inaugurated telecom. Office in Singapore for all kinds of inquiries, before heading to open a similar one in the Kingdom during the next five years, “Dial Us” continued forming its construction of sophisticated IT environment mainly for inquiries in the highest international standards. It built a virtual world that pave the way for providing innovative service in the Middle East, as well as keeping the kingdom as the main core for this launching.

"Dialus” drew the features of ideal markets in the world of information and inquiries service that worked on the latest IT telecom. System by providing the public (friends) with high quality products and distinguished supporting services. Including promoting bridges of cooperation and communication with a number of parties, and function as a link between them, to serve their interests directly without intermediaries, which may contribute in reducing their costs and raise the competition to advanced level? Many services in” dial us” processed within seconds through easy, distinctive and unified number – 920000092 or website:  www.dialus.com. After completing all phases of the project, the company began its first actual steps to receive calls from the public to provide them with direct numbers for the services or inquiries they are looking for, including: Specialized companies, restaurants, bakeries, workshops, reductions, manufacturers of certain products,…… etc .So, An era of disturbing friends or family members by asking about certain places or services has been finished via "dialus".
If you need the number of the nearest station, saloon, Pastry shops, Electricity, plumbing, cleaning, pastry shop, furniture delivery…… etc, dialus. We are pride, which our distinctive services – finished also the era of hand to hand or to door to door brochures distribution or wall adhesive ads. Moreover, we finished the phenomenon of labors gathering in the city center or backside streets. Dial us from you office or home and get numbers of various labors. General Director of the company Eng. Mahmoud Altaleaa said “Our service is the beginning of the road for releasing the public from monopoly; no one can impose sole provider .When you contact our unified number at any time during the 24 hours seven days a week, asking about particular service, you will receive soon SMS on your mobile of the requested numbers, even you will surprise that some of them may contact you directly and provide you with a list of services and demanding your permission to serve you.

You can also browse our website that will provide you with a number of suppliers, and leave the floor for you to select, and then ask us to send their details on your mobile or Email. Eng. Altaleaa confirms that the services offered by his company to the public are completely free, no deduction for calls and SMS they received. He adds that "Our services also include building websites for clients, specialized programs, establishing channels or accounts on social networks, promotional SMS, advertising campaigns via e-mail, ads on the pages of our website, beside tenths of other services. We aim to increase our customer's sales, reduce their advertising expenses and open new markets for them. “We created in “dial us “a philosophy or culture to facilitate communication and cooperation among all segments of the society in top professional manner, through our unified number 920000092 (ninety two - five Zeros - ninety-two) or our website www.dialus.com. "We are happy to be pioneers in providing a self-employment opportunity for both genders in all cities of the Kingdom, by granting them an excellent income without any commitment of office hours or place of work” Eng.  Altaleaa concluded.