A single thread can make or mar your beauty. Introducing Diamond Creative Eyebrows, which has earned a reputation in Pawtucket, RI, United States. We specialize in enhancing the best features of your face, as we know that well defined looks always leaves an impression. Backed with years of experience, experts with hands on and our love for eye frames, leave no stone unturned in making you toss with wondrous joy.
With a mission to emphasize the most important God-given attribute, we precisely shape up the eyebrows with the art of threading and make sure that you leave the chair with splendid looks. Nowadays people are becoming brow obsessed, so to create a youthful and perfect sophisticated looks we are all set with a vision that every face experiences the creativity which we offer.
Diamond Creative eyebrows can help those who wants to define their brows, those who wish to give a new look and those who have uneven growth. Our services are swift and reliable that makes you comfortable and we bet you just can’t resist yourself from recommending to others and visiting us next time again. It is important to create a unique identity with perfectly crafted natural eyebrows. Besides this, where every single stroke helps in making your brows more refined, accurate and defined we also provide threading, full face threading, body Waxing, facials, make ups, eyelash extensions, henna Tattoos and many more alike services.    
Most advanced technologies, best quality products and highly trained team all together make us so favourable every time. When asked from few clients- look what they said, “I am so impressed with the services I got here, I am getting so many compliments from my family and friends, it just feels so good, all thanks to  Diamond Creative Eyebrows”, Ms Shweta ; “The equipment they use are so advanced and gives you a total magical look, I just can’t stop myself from looking into the mirror and admiring me,” Ms Jane ; “I used to have so uneven growth of my eyebrows, my eyes are small so I was hardly being noticed or complimented but since the day Diamond creative Eyebrows has threaded by brows and gave it 3d look, I am just loving the flood of compliments I am getting” Ms Lin; “From the initial consultation, to the comfort sessions, painless treatment and finally to a new look, they just left me speechless, I so loved their services.”
So, now don’t forget that it is not just a thread which can work in anyone’s hand, it’s an art which is learned with training & experience. Diamond Creative Eyebrows invites you to experience the seamless services and grab an eye on you from around the world.
We provide a wide range of finance products including:
* Eyebrow Threading
* Facial Threading
* Eyelash Extensions
* Threading Eyebrows
* Eyebrow Extensions