Dianne's Impressions salon has been an institution in the Miami Lakes, Florida, area since it was first opened in 1982.

Serving the local celebs as well as loyal clients from as far away as Alaska—and on a regular basis, from the Palm Beaches to the Keys, the salon was recently the subject of a human interest article in the Miami Herald, which featured its warm and friendly ambience, finding it uniquely different from the typical establishment  of its kind.

It took particular note of the remarkable family-like relationship that exists among all of its stylists and technicians—which manifests itself in monthly celebrations of any holiday that might be appropriate. The article remarked on the fact that food for these occasions is usually prepared voluntarily by the staff—sometimes even by clients who spontaneously get caught up in the spirit of the day.

A full-service salon, Dianne's Impressions features the full range of up-to-date hair stylings, which include the non-toxic Keratin system for hair straightening to exquisite up-dos for the bridal parties or other group occasions the salon frequently caters to. It offers all variations of manicure and pedicure services as well as the traditional dermabrasion and other skin and body services that are on the menu. And a certified acupuncurist is available for those desiring such service.

Clients of Dianne's Impressions know they are individuals. Special pains are made to match the temperament and skill set of the stylist or nail tech assigned with the personality and the specific demands of the type and length of hair, the range of styles, and/or color and othe special requirements.

Men are treated with as much care and respect as women and enjoy their visits and the quality of their services fully as much.

Located at 6841 Main Street, in Miami Lakes, just across the street from the Don Shula hotel, the Dianne's Impressions Salon is easy to get to and a delight to spend time in.  

Call (305) 556-6565 to experience it yourself.