Dibbee is fundraising made simple.  We are challenging conventional thinking and providing a new alternative to raising donations. For schools, we feel people should be able to donate without purchasing a physical product such as cookies, pizzas, candles, magazines, etc., which can take 40% to 60% of the donations from the fundraising group. And for nonprofits, we want to provide an additional alternative to the big fundraising events - as the small things can help, too. Small contributions, made one at a time, can quickly add up to make a big difference. So whether you're a school or nonprofit, Dibbee can provide your group with a refreshing alternative.

Dibbee uses a combination of in-person and online fundraising to assist schools, churches, and non-profits with fundraising for specific causes in a specific time period.  The dibbee can is a signature part of what Dibbee is.  

The dibbee is your modern-day piggy bank. The dibbee can be used in a traditional sense to collect your loose change or small contributions throughout your day, but can also be used to generate online donations as well. Each dibbee contains a unique QR code linking directly to an individual's online donation page. This allows donors to scan the QR code from the dibbee, learn more about the group's cause and then donate online if they'd prefer to make an online donation.  Each dibbee shows:

Your organization's name
The name of your fundraising event
A description of your fundraising event
The individual participant's / volunteer's name
QR code linking to your webpage
Other related items such as the start date, end date, goal amount, etc.

Dibbee is a small company trying to make a big difference.   Our success is dependent on developing a trusted relationship with each and every one of our customers. We'd like our customers to walk away from their Dibbee experience eager to use our service again. We've developed transparent pricing and privacy policies to help build this trust.