About Dicoll

Dicoll have been supplying kiosks for almost 10 years having now deployed thousands of kiosks across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Dicoll are one of a select few companies that actually control the manufacture and assembly process in its own offices in Reading, Berkshire, UK. We use our own work force and are intent on sourcing as many of our components as possible from local UK based companies, further supporting the local economy and insuring a close relationship between us and our supply chain. This allows us greater control over both manufacturing standards and timescales.

Dicoll are very proud of the fact that any client or customer, at any time, can visit our offices in Berkshire to view the current status of their order and have a personal interaction with the build process. This kind of client supplier interactivity is now a rare proposition.

Many kiosk suppliers are now importing pre built solutions form the Far East, USA and Eastern Europe, this approach can at times lead to disappointment in client expectations through low levels of build quality, virtually no input into the build control and little or no allowance for bespoke client requirements.

Dicoll's ability to build in the UK allows full client interactivity and has ensured a long and successful business life span. Whilst Dicoll has continued to grow over the years it does, by comparison, remain a relatively small business enterprise. Despite this Dicoll have secured significant business deals with large corporate organisations such as O2, Vodafone, Toyota and Deloittes for the supply of volumes of kiosks made, in each case, in the UK to their specific requirements

It is without doubt that our ability to build in the UK, our ability to adjust to client requirements and their ability to have a hands on approach throughout the build process which has given all of our clients a great sense of control and ultimately a product which fits their needs.

We believe these are the top 5 differentiators from our competitors

1.For 40 years Dicoll has been designing and manufacturing rugged displays and computers for the military around the world. This rugged and robust build quality is also to be found in all our kiosks making Dicoll kiosks highly sought after by clients requiring high quality, well built reliable products

2.Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, Dicoll is one of the few companies who actually design AND manufacture kiosks in the UK in house. Our factory in Reading allows us to have absolute control over quality, lead times and manufacturing processes.

3.Every kiosk manufactured at our factory is made to order. This allows us to bespoke manufacture any specification of kiosks so our customers have exactly what they require.

4.Dicoll was one of the first companies in the UK to work with and supply touchscreens in the very early 1970's and we have continued to work at the cutting edge of the display and touchscreen industry ever since.

5.Dicoll has extensive experience in manufacturing seamless high grade stainless steel as well as traditional kiosk materials.