Bonava is the Swedish developer that had to move the infrastructure and business systems to a new environment because of parting from NCC in 2016. Today they continue the development of employees’ digital workplace based Bonava Projects system to provide the innovative and effective tools.
During the last year, the Swedish developer switched to Bonava Projects system’s new version with automated registration and projects’ web-sites customization in both current platforms. The new Microsoft Teams platform was added, and now it is the single platform with all the required teamwork tools: chat/ videoconference discussion of business issues with colleagues, collaborative work with documentation, and remote application usage. And it’s available from both desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) devices and capable to team up employees from different spheres and countries.
The vital part of a project is the provision of a unified and easy-to-understand solution. Now the access system that is executed through SharePoint Online was adjusted in Bonava Projects’ 3 components. As a result, during project website creation in SharePoint Online with a predetermined set of guidelines, Autodesk BIM360 website, and Microsoft Teams digital workplace are automatically created as well. Herewith SharePoint Online is still the main control unit.
Starting from 2016, Bonava is cooperating with Digital Design in order to create a unified digital workplace. Digital Design is a software development company that offers web development expertise in SharePoint and Sitefinity platforms. In 2000 it became the first Russian IT company to get Gold partnership status with Microsoft and now has more than 27 years of software development experience. Digital Design is one of the top 20 Russian software companies, employs more than 500 highly qualified developers. The company has developed web portals for different purposes such as partner’s digital workplace, supplier relationship management system, fintech loyalty program, online reservation portal for HORECA, etc. Regular customers are such well-known companies as Sberbank, Russian Railways, Gazprom, Carlsberg Group, Heineken, Johnson & Johnson, Tetra Pac, Novartis, Knauf, Prince’s Trust, and others.
During Bonava project implementation, the choice was made in favor of a cloud model based on Microsoft product range because it appears to be easier and faster to develop, and it can provide secure Anywhere Access to business applications and data without a VPN. Today the portal helps to establish interaction between all departments for all internal business processes, provides access to information about current projects, sales, investments, production, marketing, HR, etc. The new portal interface was designed considering making the user experience (UX) more engaging and effective. The Bonava Projects application is available to all employees, which is more than 1000 users in 9 countries.