Our goal is to create Apps that make your everyday life easier and Games that help you escape it all together.

We are a small studio of enthusiastic artists & computer scientists from diverse backgrounds. Some of us are hardware gurus who make robots, boards, and can make things come alive. Others are artist who make 3d models, animations, and UI's(User Interface). Our studio is focused on creating mobile apps and games that improve your life or help you escape it all together. Our most recent attempt at achieving that goal followed the recent release of the Oculus and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets. We couldn't imagine the average joe going to the store and spending $600 + just to play a VR game, it didn't make sense. At this point VR got a lot of traction in the media and culture but, we still couldn't get past that price tag. That's when we looked into Google Cardboard VR games and content that is available on the store. We realized that a vast majority of the content sucked...it looked like a game built for a $20+ headset. That's when we at DigiRep studios started to develop an experience worthy of a $600+ headset but, for the phone you already own and that can be played on an inexpensive headset that costs less than a meal out with a friend.