CAYIN - A Global Leading Digital Signage Network Solutions Provider. CAYIN Technology provides Dynamic Digital Signage solutions, including media players, servers, and management software, dedicated for the out-of-home digital media network. Digital signage, also known as narrowcasting, electronic billboards, digital screen network and digital sign, is a multimedia, or even interactive platform to convey effective information to targeted customers in a variety of commercial venues, such as corporate, education, museum, retail, hospitality, hotel, bank, government, and transportation.
CAYIN Technology devotes itself to developing and providing a complete portfolio of Digital Signage solutions, including diversified, powerful media players, content management servers, and advanced management software for monitoring and generating reports. As part of the Company’s non-stop efforts to cultivate its business in respective vertical markets, CAYIN develops xPost, the web-based application software, to offer a combination of essential tools to create rich contents for DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) media.

Taking advantage of embedded system technology, CAYIN develops industrial-grade quality digital signage appliances for various scales of applications and long-term stability. CAYIN actively participates in the rollout of the digital signage projects in various out-of-home venues, such as school, retail, hospitality, corporation, museum, transportation, government, and financial institutions. In order to best facilitate the deployment of CAYIN products, we also provide tailored services to meet customers' particular requirements for almost limitless applications.