Digital Age Institute ltd. provides a one stop destination for professional software development outsourcing. The outsourcing for all European, American and Canadian outsourcing goes through our Danish Mothercompany, SCR Group A/S (www.scrgruppen.dk), who will take care of the necessary consultancy and negotiations. For the EMEA countries and Australia and South Americas we recommend that you contact us directly on outsourcing@digitalageinstitute.com, and we will take it from there.

We develop software for business applications and technical applications also as products, and can mention that we have made company registration systems, which operates by help of barcoding equipment and otherwise, anticounterfeit services which are now being implemented globally (see press release about that, after this).

Furthermore, in order to have top educated staff, we have a completely fully fledged college registered as a private institution, where we train in professional software development, and take our students from secondary school level up to the level of fully fledged software developers.

We are strategic partner to several larger organisations, and have served a large host of corporates in the African region with our professional services both as consultants and in terms of recruitment of professional staff via our other African leg - Kenya Computer Resources - www.kcr.co.ke - contact: CEO Caroline Juma, cju@kcr.co.ke.