A life can be destroyed or a business can be closed by serious online defamation – online reputations are as important as your credit rating so don’t let others damage yours.

As the internet is un-policed and faceless some individuals use it to bully or target either companies and/ or individuals. Sadly the authorities are often powerless to act and the Courts are often not a feasible course of action so the victim is left to suffer at the hands of this anonymous perpetrator.

To combat this modern day crime we have come up with techniques and processes that will with time allow us to gain control over the early search terms, in time pushing the adverse information where it is unlikely to be found, ie: off page one of Google. Often, once the perpetrator sees their online attack is losing its authority/ importance they start to lose interest and move on. Our ongoing enrichment, publication process of chosen content, relating to a specific search term, will soon give control over the early search engine pages where we can ensure only good information is displayed about our client. We also offer a monitoring service where we frequently monitor online activity. This process will quickly flag-up any future attacks in turn permitting us to quickly deal with the offending content before it gains any authority and causes our client harm.

In addition, as part of the service, as a matter of course we will send a take down notice request to all the relevant bodies (search engines, hosts etc) requesting that they remove this harmful information and delete it from theirs servers. Unfortunately, these requests are not always acted upon so success rates are minimal and it will certainly not stop it happening again.