Digital Egypt is a local Limited Liability Corporation with its headquarters in Cairo. The company provides Egypt’s first Information Portal and Location Services powered by GIS (Geographical Information Systems). The company’s mission is to promote Business and Real Estate development by proving all the tools necessary to further the advancement of those sectors.
The Information Portal is provided through our HTML homepage. This includes recent news, articles, market data, useful links, and forms and templates.
Our Location Information utilizes a full map of Egypt powered by ESRI’s ArcGIS Server, which enables our map to be available for users over the internet. The map service is connected to our SQL database which has over 16,000 data fields such as street, landmarks, cities, governorates and pictures. The web application supports both English and Arabic languages for both interface and data. The application can be used to locate landmarks such as hospital and streets, find businesses, measure distances and obtain point coordinates, and view photographs.
Our web servers are located in Orlando, Florida. Hosted by Server Intellect, one of the largest datacenters in the World providing uncompromised reliability and increased uptime.
By delivering all our services through the World Wide Web, we ensure unlimited access to all our services to the end user at no cost.