We are a unique compilation of Innovators, Disrupters & Marketing Experts that joined forces to create the Ultimate Marketing Firm. We have expertise ranging from Graphic Design, Web Design, Information Technology, Marketing & Business Development. Being that we have created such a unique collaboration of individuals to manage our company, you can rest assured when utilizing our services, you will get more than just an introverted person designing your needed materials. You will have full access to our team of experts that look at the bigger picture and analyze your industry & top competition, to guarantee you are utilizing the proper materials and marketing your business in all the right places.

Services Provided

Fully Responsive Web Design

Soon enough most websites will only be viewed on mobile devices rather than stationary ones. We understand this more than anyone and have the expertise that is required to ensure your brand’s message is able to adapt to all platforms and devices. On average, 96% of all customers will look you up online before utilizing your products or services.

At Digital MKTG our digital marketing experts will help transform your vision into media. We work closely with you to fully understand your vision and then propose a solution to deliver all aspects of your online needs. This is where your Brand can best tell its story and can create a captive audience to ensure a successful digital ecosystem.


Search engines are unique in that they provide targeted traffic – people looking for what you offer. Targeted visitors to a website can provide publicity, revenue, and exposure like no other channel of marketing. Don’t let your website get lost in the endless pages of major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our SEO campaign managers have a 99% success rate in getting our client’s websites to the top of the front page of these search engines.

There are multiple tactics we use to bring you to the front of search engine pages: SEO copywriting, Meta tag/title tag optimization, Keyword enhanced article writing, Article submissions, Press Releases, Company Blogs, Link building, and Pay Per Click Campaigns & Much More!

Let our experts launch an SEO Campaign for your website to maximize brand awareness, increase revenue and attract full attendance to your “Party.”

Social Media Marketing

There are over 2.8 Billion Social Media Profiles Worldwide! Facebook alone holds 1.2 Billion of those profiles. Utilizing social media to get your Brand, Message or Cause out there is necessary. It has never been easier to pick you target demographic and go right after them. We will provide you the “know how” in order to do so.

Internet and American Life Project, a Washington, D.C.,-based nonprofit released a report that took stock of the year in social media and the findings show that we’re all, unsurprisingly, connecting with each other online in a big way, with 73 percent of “online adults” using social media. The numbers are there, you just need the guidance on how to reach them. That’s where we come in!

Digital MKTG can provide you with the tools and training to reach your target demographic, from the exact zip code, all the way down to the age, gender & sex of your target demographic. We build interactive social media pages that can be composed of contest, daily specials, interactive apps, campaign management & much more! We bring years of experience, proven results & Social Media Management capabilities to ensure you and your company an effective Social Media Strategy.

Marketing Consultations

Marketing itself is the root of expanding business and staying ahead of the curve in terms of success. Having an effective marketing strategy, action plan and budget is necessary to be successful within today’s business realm. We at Digital MKTG believe in providing our clients with unparalleled marketing solutions to ensure an effective and successful marketing campaign.

We will provide you with some of the most creative, off the wall, cost effective, diverse and strategic ways to effectively market you and your business. Whether you are a licensed Realtor ®, A Seasoned Attorney, A Top Rated Plastic Surgeon or trying to raise awareness about a Cause, we can help create a marketing strategy and plan to get you the most bang for your buck! We also believe in helping out your fellow business owners, which is why we develop affiliate marketing programs to help our clients cut marketing cost in half, all while marketing themselves and helping market surrounding businesses to grow the local and surrounding economies.