Digitize.AI is the leading independent Intelligent Automation firm in the Southeast. We use AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation technology to help companies digitize internal processes and create a 21st-century digital workforce.


Based on your process needs, we have the best Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology on the market to deliver the highest ROI. We make sure the solution is right for you.

The automation technology is only the first step. Once you have digitized your processes, you can unlock data that was previously unavailable. This data can help you improve operations and make better business decisions for the future.

We use machine learning to help you make sense of your newly unleashed data. Rather than be a hammer looking for a nail, we work with you to determine what business problem you are trying to solve. Based on your needs, we will train the machine to find the optimized answers.


We set out to help companies on their automation journey. Having led efforts at Fortune 100 firms ourselves, we know the pressure and pain points that arise. We also know what is real and what is hype. We decided to create a firm that can help companies achieve a high ROI in the short term as well as put in place the building blocks for their future automation and AI journey.  

Our vision is for a workforce that is fully engaged. We want workers to spend their time doing value-added work and high-level thinking, like humans were made to do. Why not give the rote and repeatable process work to the robots and uplift the human capital workforce? We believe in letting the robots do what they are good at and freeing up humans to unlock additional value through creativity.

We have the top AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation technology on the market. We know every company has different needs, so we will tailor an approach that is best suited for your business.