Digitory Solutions Inc. provides unique insurance claim solutions for Public Adjusters, backed by inventory specialists, valuation experts, appraisers and insurance policy professionals with over 25 years of industry insight.
Digitory's technology-driven insurance claim process services are designed to counteract the disadvantages often faced by Public Adjusters during the claim process. Our On-site services are primarily geared towards the public adjusting market in the New York City metropolitan area and the New York Tri-State area.
Additionally, our unparalleled Remote Inventory Service serves Public Adjusters nationwide.
Our innovative insurance claim process solutions, coupled with fast web-based value appraisals and industry-leading turnaround, are unprecedented in today's market.
Working at the intersection of insurance claim documentation and information technology, both on-site and remotely, we help our clients structure and complete their client's content claims.
We guide and support Public Adjusters and their clients through the maze of insurance regulations and compliance issues, facilitating every aspect of complex documentation, valuation, substantiation, and dispute resolution to maximize the Insured's settlement amount.

Most Public Adjusters and attorneys are stuck doing the "busy work" themselves instead of outsourcing these tasks. This valuable time could be better spent on retaining new losses, meeting with attorneys and brokers, or dealing with complex issues from current claims.

For many years, Digitory Inc. has provided inventory services for Policy holder advocates and noticed many problems that they face during the content claim process.

Our services have been carefully developed and streamlined to increase a Public Adjuster's or Attorney's  productivity by eliminating the hassle and headache associated with the completion of the Insured's personal property claims.

At Digitory Solutions, we offer unique insurance claim processing services. We create professional and substantiated content claim reports from your handwritten sheets, as well as from dictated audio recordings and photographs. The final product is delivered to you with a quick turnaround time.

Engaging a claims documentation service allows you to focus on the core aspects of your business and saves you time and money.

Now, you can focus on profit-generating and business-building tasks, such as acquiring new clients.

Remote Service

Our remote inventory service will help you to eliminate errors, improve efficiency, and increase customer service while maintaining document consistency.
Our professionals assist you in processing your inventory claims-related tasks and perfectly combine in-depth industry expertise with innovative methods. This unique service was designed to improve the quality and credibility of your client's content claim and to save your firm countless hours of data entry, valuation, and report writing-related tasks.
Digitory's Remote Inventory Solution allows Public Adjusters to submit handwritten or dictated personal property inventory documentation for transcription, valuation, and substantiation. Completed content claim reports are mailed back to the Public Adjuster in electronic format, with RCV and/or ACV quoted for each line item and a recapitalization page with totals.
Our Remote Inventory Solution covers the collection of data, completion, and management of critical steps in the content claims process:

•Processing of all provided documents. This includes scope of loss, receipts, invoices, and photographs.
•Electronic claim documentation. Content claim reports are completed in a digital format which includes the valuation of the loss and supporting documentation for the prices.
•Quick and efficient communications, including transfer of files between all parties. All transactions are made online. You can view status updates online and will receive a copy of the final claim inventory online.
•Claim management. An account manager will oversee your claim from start to finish and coordinate with you and your client, leaving you more time to focus on profit generating activities.

Maximizing the Insured's Settlement

Digitory provides professional, legible, and substantiated valuation reports that maximize the settlement amount.
We reduce the insurance carrier "slash down" and increase the agreed-upon value of each item inventoried, by substantiating our documentation with the support of valuation sources. We create detailed inventories and corroborate our findings by quoting full retail prices. We work quickly and efficiently and pay attention to details, ensuring the best possible outcome for the Insured.

More information can be found at http://www.digitorysolutions.net