Getting suggestions from employees has been found to be invaluable. DirectSuggest, the Suggestion Box Reimagined, enables employees to innovate and engage through their suggestions with the assurance that they arrive to the proper decision maker. Their hands-on experience can assist in providing value toward the mission of their organization.Engage employees, foster innovation, improve productivity, manage ideas, provide feedback, and create solutions to problems big and small through the collaborative communication in DirectSuggest.

DirectSuggest easily allows employees to make suggestions on any computer, tablet, or mobile device with the assurance they do not get lost. With DirectSuggest, every suggestion is organized by a specific department or category created by the organization as well as the specific region or location the employee is assigned to. The suggestions are directed to the Gatekeeper who oversees those areas. DirectSuggest is easily set up and managed by the system Administrator(s) for organizations of any size. DirectSuggest provides templates and import functions that Administrators can use to speed setup. DirectSuggest’s optional voting and commenting system allows employees in any role to engage with ideas. Allowing anonymous suggestions is also a DirectSuggest option.