Backing cryptocurrency with real estate in a fully fungible digital currency provides the world something it hasn't seen since nations abandoned the gold standard, a true commodity currency. DirtiCoin is the world's first cryptocurrency which is fully fungible, a true currency, with its value backed by real estate. Through its publicly viewable asset ledger, which is regularly updated and audited, the market value of DirtiCoin is easily verified, stifling speculator-driven volatility. Because its value is backed by real estate DirtiCoin inherits the inflation-protection typically enjoyed only by real estate investors.

The value of DirtiCoin increases with the value of real estate.

Through a national network of local investment affiliates (DirtiCoin Regional Affiliates or DRA), DirtiCoin works with local real estate experts and local investors across the USA as a funding partner instead of competing with them for deals (CA and NYC not included).