Dirty South TV, the Florida-based Music Television Network, has launched their new Artist Development Program. The new ADP will enable artists and bands to get their music, image, presentation and branding all in order to shop to record labels that are looking for already developed and established artists and bands. Due to the lack of funds in these tough financial times, it is becoming a common business practice for record labels to pass over undeveloped artists and bands in favor of those that are ready to "package and sell to the consumer." In the old days, record labels put money into properly developing the artists and bands that they would sign on to their roster. Today's absence of artist development by record labels creates the question "Why do we need the label?" from many of today's still emerging artists and bands. On one hand, the labels still have all of the record stores in place for distribution of their artists' albums; on the other hand, the independent artists can now make their money from their own online album and merchandise sales, not to mention what they can sign and sell at their live performances.

With Dirty South TV's new ADP, at least the artists will have both options to explore, increasing their chance to make it bigger, faster and with less "start-up money from their own pockets."

This new program will be on a limited basis so that each artist or band will have the proper attention that is needed. The formula that Dirty South TV has come up with is "one artist/band per U.S. State," thus having a total of no greater than 50 artists or bands at any one time that they are helping. This way, each artist or band has a better chance of using all of their new tools and contacts to their full advantage and advancement. Dirty South TV explains, "Any more than 50 would dilute the program and render its strengths useless--like everything else that is out there as an option for these artists and bands these days."

Dirty South TV officially announced the signing of two artists already, one from Arizona--Lori Richardson, and one from Georgia--Liz Lee. They also have their sights on artists from Alabama and Florida, and will be contacting them sometime in August 2011.

If you would like to contact Dirty South TV and ask any questions about their new Artist Development Program, please feel free to call (850) 615-3788, or email them directly at ADP@dirtysouthtv.com