Since its beginning in 1987, Discovery Research Group has grown to become one of the largest opinion and marketing research field service firms in the United States.

At Discovery Research Group, we have built a solid reputation by providing high-quality marketing research for some of the most respected and demanding corporate research departments, consultants, political advisors, public relations firms, advertising agencies and full-service research providers in the country. Because of our longevity in the industry, we have conducted research for a wide range of industries and target audiences and we have the ability to handle virtually any size project.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Discovery has grown from 25 interviewing stations to over 450 computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) stations located in four phone centers in the Western United States and Costa Rica.

We have learned that each client's research project is unique and deserves special attention. Supported by strong research teams, our highly-trained staff steer the course, assuring that every team member understands the research objectives and pays attention to the details critical to each research project's success.

We offer exceptional research services in the areas of survey interviewing, data tabulation and analysis, coding, mail survey processing and Internet-based data collection, and dashboard creation. Our technology-driven phone centers, experienced management teams, and high-quality interviewers have made us one of the premier telephone data collection providers. We pay attention to details so it is easy to get your project done - quickly, efficiently, and on time.

While all organizations have individual needs and concerns, we have found common threads among them - including the need to deliver outstanding products, provide quality customer service, reduce costs and maximize profits. Our business philosophy is aimed at supporting these client needs by providing high-quality, value-added field services at competitive prices.

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