DishEnvy is an online community that enables food lovers to discover and share great dishes at restaurants. It's mission is to change the way people dine out by allowing them to find great dishes before choosing a restaurant.

The service allows users to:

•     Search by dish, ingredient or type of food to find the best of whatever they are craving in the area of their choosing, look at the favorite dishes of their friends or those they follow for inspiration, or discover what’s good at a given restaurant.
•     Be the critic (and earn titles such as “Master Critic”) and share their thoughts on everything they eat by rating it using a scale ranging from “not enviable” to “life changing.” This rating system is meant to emulate those used by top critics and makes it easy to differentiate the great dishes from the very good in a way other crowd-sourced site do not.
•     Build a network of “food soulmates” whose taste match their own so they can discover new dishes they know they’ll love. Users can choose to see reviews from only those in their network on any search.
•     Promote their food blog by providing a “Food Blogger” icon to anyone with a blog. The icon links to their blog and allows users to more easily determine if they want to follow them.  
•     Keep a journal of everything they eat so they can effortlessly remember great meals  later on and share them with friends.
•     View Experts “Best Of” lists to discover great dishes chosen by experts at publications such as New York Magazine, The Village Voice and Serious Eats.

Both the website and location-based mobile web app can be accessed at http://www.DishEnvy.com