Distraction is a national touring theatre company, committed to providing high-quality entertainment. We have been touring the UK since 2005.  We focuse on two key areas;

1. Firstly, to reproduce 'classical' works in new and exciting ways. From medieval to restoration theatre, all our productions are set in the historic period they were intended for, but with a modern twist. Our aim is to ensure the survival of some brilliant literary works by creating enthusiasm for them through performance - especially with younger generations.

2. Secondly, we are commited to creating new adaptations of classics and also writing new plays based on classic stories, fables, legends and historic figures. These are produced in a similar style to our other shows, that is, in the relevant historic setting but with a modern twist.

Our strength is in comedy and we pride ourselves in producing plays that will entertain, amuse and excite audiences. We are not concerned with creating new theatre that alienates and drives away the modern audience from venues, but rather one that experiments with diverse styles in order to create popular entertainment and memorable evenings.


The truth is that we can perform practically anywhere! We have performed in pubs, theatres, parks, gardens, town centres and stately homes. We are particularly fond of the arts festivals and are becoming regulars at the prestigeous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.