Diverse Electronics - your one-stop solution for all your electronic component and electromechanical needs

Diverse Electronics is a broad-line franchised distributor for a wide variety of electronics components. We stock everything from ceramic capacitors, resistors, electromechanical and interconnect products. We are franchised distributors of Yageo, Tianma Microelectronics, SunLED, JITE, E-Switch, Apem, Sanyou Relays, Isocom Components, Keystone, and Wieland, to name a few.

• Acoustics • Batteries • Ceramic Capacitor • Cable Assemblies
• Connectors • Diodes • Electromechanical • Enclosures • Fans
• Fuses • Hardware • Heat Sinks • Heatshrinks • Interconnect
• Inductors • Optoelectronics • Power Supplies • Power Relays
• Resistor • Switches • Transformers • Timing Devices
• Voltage Regulators • Wire

Diverse – Electronic and Electromechanical Suppliers

Our electromechanical component manufacturers and suppliers offer a wide range of product including switches, knobs, relays, power converters, transformers, acoustic components, fans and fuses. We have an extensive range of electromechanical equipment from a number of worldwide suppliers.