Divinely Touched Inc., conducts individual and group healings of body, mind and spirit through workshops and sminars.
Mary and Dr. Dave are authors of Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life (2011) that connects religion, spirituality, Metaphysics and New Age with science in a powerfully true-life story of spiritual awakening, living through entity possession and personal transformation unlike any story ever told.
Dr. Dave explains what Mary experienced using scientific research, documentation and historical data on phenomenon such as telepathy, ESP, out-of-body experiences, near-death-experiences, reincarnation, entity possession, the spirit dimension and quantum physics.
Divinely Touched: Transform You Life opens the reader up to unseen worlds only imagined. It will transform the reader by informing and inspiring them,  thereby healing them in mind, body and spirit.  
Mary and Dr. Dave in seminars and book discussions explain non-traditional causes for mental illness by using science, historical data and universal experiences to prove how human consciousness can live outside the body and influence the behavior of others. Their research and personal experiences  answers  how telepathy, ESP, Out-of-Body experiences, reincarnation and the spirit dimension are all real and influence us daily. Their book lets the reader know the purpose of their life; why they are here and why "bad" things may happen to them.
Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life is also a complete guide that connects current science to metaphysics, New Age and Spirituality with references, resources (names and phone numbers of healers across the country) and a glossary.  It will transform all those who read it!