DoGoodConnect brings together for-profit Social Entrepreneurs who utilize Technology and Design to create meaningful and sustainable change in the world.

DO GOOD CONNECT is about meaningful connection...

...to our work, to our community and to each other. But most particularly it’s about figuring out a way to make our life’s work out of doing what we love and helping others along the way. Those of us who choose this path are called Social Entrepreneurs.

DO GOOD CONNECT focuses strictly on for-profit social entrepreneurship with a built in social mission, bringing social entrepreneurs together to foster idea generation and share resources.

Why is a for-profit sustainable model so important?

We’re seeing some alarming trends in our economic, ecological and political climates that are making traditional charities – the time honored method of helping each other – ever more difficult to sustain.

The traditional giving model is stilted, stunted, and terribly limited. We are learning that throwing money at a problem isn’t necessarily helpful. Fortunately there is a growing number of creative individuals building sustainable, agile, for-profit businesses that DO GOOD in the world. In fact, for-profit businesses with a social mission are turning the traditional giving model on its head.

Social Entrepreneurs Change the world. And then they have breakfast.

We believe in sustainable enterprise that creatively solves the problems of homelessness, poverty, global warming, whatever. Whatever the problem, there’s a creative solution. And we're so inspired by people who are taking risks and coming up with innovative approaches to these problems. Our experience with traditional non-profits has left us disillusioned. We have the internet now, people! We have amazing technology and are creating new technology every day. We have to change the model of social change to reflect this. We need to cut through the red tape and take matters into our own hands. Which is what many of these young and incredibly inspiring DOGOODers are accomplishing.

And what we do is connect you to them.

Alison Potvin
Founder and Chief Conductor of Electricity, Alison is a global citizen who is more often than not living out of a suitcase. Alison founded She Matters in 2012 to help women survivors of war regain their self esteem and independence through skills training and sustainable employment. New to NYC after a lengthy stint in SF, she's quickly falling in love with her new city. Her goal is to eventually have a backyard with chickens and an herb garden.