Karen's K9 Care was the very first of the dog care facilities to open over 12 years ago.
Right now we are offering any NEW CUSTOMERS their first Daycare/Board is FREE. In addition, the owner DOES NOT have to present for the evaluation with the other dogs. When you come to board or daycare your dog for the first time, that session will be FREE and throughout the time your canine friend is present with us, we will evaluate their behavior with other dogs.

1st Board/Daycare is FREE for New Customers.

Boarding Rate = $35/Night - Discounts for multiple dogs
Included in OUR price, is Daycare, unlike other facilities which charge more to board, as well as charge for play time and daycare.
Dogs are pack animals, so once the evaluation is complete, all of our dogs remain together, and all of the boarders will join the daycare dogs as if they were.

NEW! 2100+ square feet of covered play area, OUTSIDE.
Not only will your dog be outside to enjoy fresh air and circulation, our new tent keeps every dog 100% dry throughout the day.
TOO HOT? Instead of air conditioners pumping dust into your favorite canine family member, our dogs remain outside; however, under an area that reduces the temperature 15+ degrees, with multiple swimming pools, fans and misters, your animal will be comfortable with the weather, and enjoying play time with a few dozen other dogs!

At night; dogs will be boarded in areas together, with 24 HOUR supervision

Daycare Rates - First day is FREE for NEW CUSTOMERS
$26/day ; however, over 90% of our customers choose from the following Credit Packages:
5 days at $24/day = $120 Total
10 days at $22.50/day = $225 Total
20 days at $21/day = $420 Total

Not only is $26 the lowest rate, our most expensive credit package ($24) is cheaper then the majority of others cheapest package.

If you think that in 1 Full Year, you will bring your dog 20 times, it is well worth it to buy the package, and save $5/day on all 20 Days.

Best Grooming in town!

Call to make an appointment with 1 of our 2 groomers, and receive an estimated price, as every dog varies.

We provide individual or group training for whatever areas of improvement are needed for your animal.