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IDSventures, Inc. started DogFencesandMore.com from the loss of Myko a cinnamon colored chow chow. She was 13 when her lungs collapsed and somehow with the miracle of medicine and great Doctors from UC Davis in Davis, Ca. Myko was alive and back to her old self for 6 more months after that until the dreaded moment when you know something is wrong because she laid there lifeless after I called her. I went through the worst times in my life back then and finally feel the lump in my throat is leaving when I think of her and just want to share my story. The products featured on DogFencesnadMore.com are all products I would use for my own pet and trust me my pets are treated better than the kids. Please look for a dog car seat or harness to keep your dog safe while traveling in the car. Visit us today at DogFencesandMore.com.