Doggie Manners has three facets:
We are a dog and puppy training company offering private and group training for clients in the Los Angeles area and telephone consultations for those outside this area.  Caryl Wolff is the head puppy and dog trainer/behavior consultant and was the first trainer to be certified by five dog trainer organizations.  Her CV is here http://doggiemanners.com/about_los_angeles_dog_trainer_resume.html.  

We also own and operate several websites, including www.DoggieManners.com, www.DogSeminarsDirectory.com, www.DogBooksLibrary.com, and others.

If that's not enough (!), Caryl also is the author of numerous articles on dogs and puppies as well as seven books.  Her latest books are Puppy Potty Training -- The Expert's Guide to Easy Housetraining FAST (Kindle http://tinyurl.com/ovpb3jb ) and Puppy Socialization -- An Insider's Guide to a Behaviorally Fit Dog (Kindle http://tinyurl.com/l92cphs , paperback http://tinyurl.com/ofpsp8l ).